Cv Interviews

Most common interview questions
Here are a few job interview questions you might want to rehearse:
1. Why have you applied for this job?
I am looking for a role that helps utilize my skills, work experience and knowledge to make a difference.
2. Can you talk through your resume?
Tell me more about you?
Your greatest skills that would benefit this company. However, you do not enumerate them, but showcase them to the interviewer by summarizing your best achievements in the recent past. Do allude to the company's products, needs, future plans amply indicating that you have researched the company before the interview, you are interested in its future and growth and you are convinced that you can contribute to its growth using your skills and experience.
For me, working for such a company would be an achievement and a rare opportunity to use my skills and expertise in the growth of a world class organization.
You can always say that the company has always been your dream company but did not apply till you thought that you have achieved a certain amount of skill set and experience so you could contribute to the growth and future of the company. You could say that till that time, though you searched for opportunity, you never got a job that would exactly fit to your skills set as well as the present job and so on.
Why have you applied for this position?
'This is exactly the position that I am looking for as it will fully utilize my vast knowledge in this field and also enable me to develop my skills in other areas' etc.
3. Where would you like to see yourself five years down the line?
I exactly don't know but I hope that the skills and experience gained will help the company reach its goals. Besides, my focus currently will be on achieving success and on carrying out the necessary duties and responsibilities that this role will entail.
Personally, 'I plan to finish my higher studies' or 'I would like to be own my own company one day'
To be a...