Broken Collarbone Interview for Health Class

For this assignment, I interviewed my friend Christian. He had broken his collar bone when he was about 9 years old. Apparently, it’s extremely painful, and relatively easy to break.
Christian was outside playing one day when he was a kid. He was skateboarding and ended up falling and landing on a curb, then felt his collarbone snap. Apparently it was like hot knives stabbing him over and over in that one spot. He ended up going to the hospital for it.
It turned out that he really did a number on his collarbone. He ended up having to be in a harness cast for about 12 weeks. Apparently they’re not only a serious hassle, they also make every day living quite a chore. He had trouble with everything from writing to getting dressed in the morning, as well as showering and doing chores. It took him three whole months to recover from breaking it, and it still has lasting effects. Apparently, every time he shrugs or moves his arm in the right way, his collar bone pops out at an odd angle, and while funny, it’s probably kind of uncomfortable.
He stopped skateboarding for about two years after this happened. He’s been extremely cautious since it happened, and watches everything he does to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. According to him, it was one of the most painful things he’s ever endured, and he doesn’t want it to happen ever again.
I’ve been injured several times, as well, and I feel his pain, quite literally. I also do everything I can to make sure I’m careful and don’t put myself in harm’s way. I’m not afraid of going out and doing things and neither is he, but we’re smart about what we do. It’s easy to make mistakes and get hurt, so always pay attention to what you’re doing, and always pay attention to your surroundings.