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          For the Human Service Agency I decided to interview a friend of mine who has inspired me to go into the human services field. Brandy has worked in this field for over 10 years and although she just moved away from Arizona to Arkansas I knew she would provide me with information I am looking for.   There are a few ways of doing this interview, could have done instant message on the Facebook network, telephone interview or online with email. For the interview we both believed that doing this online through email would be more efficient for the both of us with our schedules. Displayed below is the interview that was taken place on Thursday October 28, 2010.

       Q: What is the name of the company you are employed by?

      A: Mrs. Brandy DeMann was recently employed by Ozark Health Nursing Center

      Q: What is their mission statement?

      A: Dependable Care that Counts Surroundings that Comfort

      Q: What services does your company provide?

      A; Skilled nursing care and long term care for the elderly

      Q: How does your employer receive their funds?

      A: The are a for profit facility and they also have a critical care access hospital attached to it 

      Q: What is your job title?

      A: Director of Social Services

      Q: What does your job entails?

      A: Care planning for the residents/patients, taking care of admissions and discharges, meeting all psychosocial needs, reviewing psych meds, facilitating support group for Alzheimer's, doing MDS's and social worker notes and supervisor one employee who handles doctors appointments and transportation 

      Q: Did a personal experience contribute to you working in the field as a Human Service Worker?

      A: I was already working in a nursing home as an activity assistant and I just observed the job duties of the Social Services Director...