T5 - Ptlls

T5 – Lee Damp

“Explain ways to embed elements of Functional Skills in your specialist area”

Functional Skills are the core elements of English, mathematics and information and communication technology (ICT), which provides the essential knowledge, skills and understanding needed to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and at work. ...

All 3 Functional Skills occur naturally in my specialist area of teaching, which is teaching Interview Skills Training to small business owners and their management teams.  

A number of elements for each Functional Skill are listed below as example of the elements occurring for my learners, this list is not exhaustive.

Verbal and written communication including reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

  * Assessing job vacancy requirements
  * Writing of Job Descriptions
  * Writing adverts
  * Reading CV’s
  * Interview technique – Verbal and Non
  * Telephone and face to face interviews
  * Assessment centres
  * Writing letters acknowledgement, interview invites, rejections, offers, feedback

Interview Techniques
Development of this particular skill with my learners would involve Interview Technique Training focusing on the Function Skill of English in verbal and non verbal communication.   I would conduct an assessment of my learner’s skills and from this assessment I would tailor my workshop on this subject to include fun and practical role play exercised to build confidence to enhance and improve my learners techniques – “It’s not always what you say it how you say it”

Understand and make sense of mathematical information, to use and process that information, to interpret and analyse the results and to present this to others.

  * Analysed salary and remuneration packages to ensure company budgets are met and costs controlled
  * Ratios – CV : Interview
  * Cost analyse to understand how much each employee is costing to recruit