The company I work for provides apprenticeships for young people and my role is to manage a number of apprentices and to ensure that appropriate training and resources are made available to them.

One of the main problems that I come across is young people not attending job interviews, this has several knock on affects which causes problems for both the company I work for and the potential employer.
It could damage the reputation of the company as being unreliable and that the candidates that we put forward are of a poor quality, this may discourage the potential employer and that may make them look to another provider for their apprenticeships which results in loss of revenue.
There is also a time element as several members of staff would have put time and effort in finding the young people and providing them with support and information.
This does happen a lot which is not always the fault of the staff, I feel that some of the candidates are applying for the wrong reasons such as a family member wants them to do it, or that it is just something to do. I also feel that the potential candidates are still in school mode rather than the outside role of employment and working to earn a wage and that transition can be difficult for some more than others.
This can look bad on some of the staff such as the recruiter who may of put the candidate forward for an interview, or even the interviewer who interviewed the candidate to see if they could offer them a conditional offer. I feel that this can put stress and worries on the staff and also could be harmful to potential candidates, as the saying goes “the minority spoils it for the majority”.
By addressing this problem I hope that we would have a more reliable and prepared candidate to put forward to potential employers and that the reputation of our company would be one of providing good quality hard working apprenticeships across all areas of employment. By solving this problem we may be able to achieve this....