Interview for Mormon Religion

Interview for Mormon religion

1. We came from heaven
2. How to get to heaven.
Have faith, follow the gospel, repentance, baptism, holy ghost, enduring through faith to the end.   These things get you into heaven.

Spoke to Tom from the site

Is there a heaven,
Yes there is and in order to get there we must have faith in Christ and follow him
Where did humans come from,
God created our first parents adam and eve here on earth.
Is Mormonism the only way to heaven
Not necessarily, there are 3 levels of heaven and to get to the third level the highest you have to participate in covenants ( 2 way promises with God) in the Lds temple.
In the second level, that is where people go who are not Mormons but who tried to serve god and live their life right.
The first level of heaven is where people that commit sins and don’t repent of them will go. So, in the end it is your choice where to go.
Hell is where Satan and his angels will dwell. And the people have a sure knowledge that Christ is real, and then rebels against him anyway. The people who don’t want anything to do with God.
The sin that these people commit is like if someone looked up at the sun and then tried to tell someone else that it did not exist even though they can see the light and feel the heat. They know it is true but they refuse to believe or follow him.

What are humans here on earth to do.
We have to keep all of the commandments he has given us, and we have to make all of the necessary covenants. So that we can have a relationship with god.
Also, tell others about how to get to heaven and have a relationship with God.

are there any changes now in this religion
Yes there are some changes like polygamy used to be acceptable and now it is not