Cttls Assignment Module 2

Assignment Module 2

Select an assessment cycle from a course on which you teach. Using appropriate assessment terminology and relevant theories, critically evaluate the assessment cycle in terms of:

- the overall purpose and type of assessment used

- the appropriateness and effectiveness of the assessment methods

- how assessment is recorded and used to promote learning

      - how inclusivity is maintained within the cycle

Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the scheme to determine whether it is fit for purpose. Explain your reasoning and justify any improvements you would make. 2000 words

In this essay I shall explain the different types of assessments that are used, why

they are used and for what purpose. I will discuss how effective these

assessment methods are and how they are recorded. With particular reference to

my teaching. I will explain the way in which assessment is used to promote

inclusivity and learning by progress recording, being essential for learners within

the learning schema and critically evaluate this assessment cycle as a whole.

We spend a lot of time assessing and evaluating our learners and also being

assessed and self evaluating, for that matter. There are many different types of

assessment including, diagnostic, formative and summative. In the case of

diagnostic assessment, we use this to find out if the learner is of the ability to
enter the chosen course and sometimes it is to measure how well the learner is

getting on in the duration of the course. My learners are continuously being

assessed by me using different methods and they are also assessing themselves

and each other at certain points of the course. Understanding the style of my

learners is important for me in order to plan my lessons and assessment

activities accordingly. I encourage my learners and keep them motivated and

challenged by changing my task based activities to encompass variety....