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University of Huddersfield
School of Education and Professional Development

In-Service Certificate, Professional Graduate Certificate and Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Lifelong Learning)

DFA7130 Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Module Handbook 2010-11


This Module Handbook contains essential documentation and resources for the module DFA7130, Teaching, Learning and Assessment. These are:

Introduction and module learning outcomes

Reading list and other resources for the module

Ethical Statement

Module assignments (including specific assessment criteria for Assignment One)

Documents relating to Assignment One

Assignment cover sheet
Learning contract for those already holding PTLLS
Writing frames for Section 1 and Section 3
Tutor feedback sheet
Planning pro-forma

Documents relating to Assignment Two

Assignment cover sheet
Module assessment form (your tutor will use this when giving feedback on Assignment Two and on your work for the module as a whole)

Extract from the module specification and reading list

Module assessment criteria

Electronic copies of these documents are available on the Consortium website and on the ‘Course Documentation’ section of Blackboard.

Introduction to the Module

This module develops key ideas about teaching and learning in post-compulsory education and training, or lifelong learning as it is increasingly being referred to. The module covers areas such as what we mean by learning, theories about how people learn, and the differences between adult and child learning. The module also helps you to translate theory into practice, and you will discuss the implications of ideas about learning for the way in which you plan, prepare and deliver learning sessions.

If we are to help our students to learn, assessment is an essential part of our practice as teachers, and the module develops your ability to assess students and to use assessment to improve their...