Cttls Assignment 3

Assignment Optional Unit – Equality and Diversity

Equality is the current term for ‘Equal Opportunities’. It is based on the legal obligation to comply with anti-discrimination legislation. Equality protects people from being discriminated against on the grounds of sex, race disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief, or age.

Diversity implies a wide range of conditions and characteristics. In terms of businesses and their workforces it is about valuing and reaping the benefits of a varied workforce that makes the best of people’s talents whatever their backgrounds.
Diversity encompasses individual differences. It can be seen within the company in terms of gender, ethnic minorities, disabled people etc., about where those people are in terms of management positions, job opportunities, terms and conditions in the workplace.
Diversity is about respecting individual differences, and people's differences can be many and varied as explained in Ann Gravells & Susan Simpson (2009, p5) book “Equality & Diversity”: 
• Race 
• Culture 
• National origin 
• Region 
• Gender 
• Sexual Orientation 
• Age 
• Marital Status • Politics 
• Religion 
• Ethnicity 
• Disability 
• Socio-economic differences 
• Family structure 
• Health 
• Values 
• And more 
Forms of discrimination have been seen via new reports and in the media last year on the 4th of August a police officer shot and killed Mark Duggan during an attempt to arrest him. The (IPCC) Independent Police Complaints Commission said that it was a planned arrest part of Operation Trident which investigates gun crime within the black community.
On the 6th of August police were warned several times that there could possibly be a riot if local concerns were not addressed. Seven hours later a peaceful protest was held, which was organised by friends and family of Mark Duggan to demand justice for the family. Rioting occurred after about 120 people marched from Broadwater Farm Estate to Tottenham...