Understanding Security

Diploma Assignment Module Two
                                      Understanding Security (Remote Monitoring)
                                                              Assignment Two
I am currently employed as a Regional Security Manager working for a global logistics company my role was to have direct responsibility for security throughout the middle of the UK and Ireland. Since the security initiative I am going to discuss my role has changed and I now look after Security Projects on a national basis.
Like any company in this day and age we are always looking at ways of cost saving, this has been an important issue for all departments throughout the company. We as a Security department were always being contacted by individual sites asking us how a reduction/cost saving in man-guarding could be made as it was identified as a very expensive commodity.
There were sites that would fail to consult with us and would simply just reduce security guarding leaving the site vulnerable and initially pleasing the customer, but on a longer term it was creating issues such as Burglary/Thefts and Damage. It was very clear that as a department we had to look at this matter very closely and identify where we could make the financial saving but at the same time keep the same effective standard of security or in fact improve what we had.
I identified a very large site which was typical of many of those we controlled for our customers or that we actually owned. I met with the site management to understand what they needed to achieve but at the same time explained and evidenced the standards we needed to keep where security was concerned.
The site in question were spending   £200.000 per year on physical man–guarding they had a strong 2.4 Palisade perimeter fence line a CCTV system that was only a few years old and a serviceable access control solution which could be updated to control not only access...