Axia Survival Guide



    The Axia university system presents new and different situations for learning than a traditional college.   While the ability to move forward is less restrictive, the plethora of information available to the students is only limited by their desire to obtain it.   The resources available to students in the library alone is amazing, the Center for Writing Excellence, for example can help a student with the proper layout and flow. The Plagiarism Checker will compare a student’s paper to a database of written work for similarities and also make sure that the student did not just copy the information and has actually done the work and research on their own.   Tutorials are also available to help strengthen skills and improve a student’s communication and writing skills.   By taking advantage of everything that is offered in the student library a student can even exceed their own expectations and truly challenge themselves to greatness.

    One issue with a distance learning environment is the ability to keep track of academic honesty.   A student is in a very different position with online learning, they can use the internet and all of the information there without properly noting or referencing their sources.   The Plagiarism Checker can, and should be used to compare a paper to others that have been written and posted for similarities.   Academic honesty is an issue for some students at all levels, not putting forth enough effort and wanting to take an easier route can be detrimental not only for the student turning in the paper, but also for the author doing the original research and work.   The proper notes and acknowledgments when writing and with research conveys a pride in workmanship by the student and will also better their experience while attending Axia.   While most students will be involved with higher education for the right reasons there will always be some that want to take an easier path and plagiarize the...