Survival Guide

Student Survival Guide
      Axia College

      In order to achieve success in an online learning environment, students must be able to conduct successful library and internet searches, uphold academic honesty, develop effective study skills, manage time wisely and set and achieve goals.   In order to do this, Axia College presented GEN 105 as one of the first courses students undertake to assist them in learning the skills necessary to be successful.   Below is a plan of action that the writer has created in order to successfully achieve my goal of earning my Associates Degree through Axia College.
Using Axia’s Educational Resources

    • The University has a library online. To navigate the online library, follow the following steps:
  1.   Log in to your student home page.
  2.   Select Library
  3.   Select a link from the list presented.   You can choose to search based on article databases, books/dissertations and theses, by subject, etc.
  4.   If article database is being used, select the appropriate link             database for the topic you are searching.
  5.   When the database comes up, type in the key words and press search.
  6.   Use an advance search if necessary.
    • The Center for Writing Excellence is available on the student homepage.   You can:
          1. Submit papers to check for plagarism
          2. Submit papers to have reviewed for grammar, usage and some formatting errors.
                a. Submit your paper by selecting the “Submit paper for review” link.
                b. Upload your paper by typing in your title in the first box, and then selecting browse, and find your file.
                c. If you want plagarism checker to be used, you must select the given box.
                d. Select submit.
                e. Return after about 20 minutes, and check to see if your papers are complete.
Upholding Academic Honesty

    • Axia College's   academic honesty policy states...