Gen Survival Guide

Student Survival Guide
Using Axia College’s Educational Resources
The University Library contains resources that are valuable to Axia College students. All resources and tools available in the library are designed for students to achieve success in their studies. In the library, I can access a variety of information from numerous databases, test my skills, take tutorials, and obtain feedback on my work.
In the University Library, I can gain access to powerful search engines including EBSCOhost, Gale PowerSearch, and ProQuest, to name a few. These search engines provide a multitude of filters, allowing me to pinpoint specific information in peer reviewed papers, journals, periodicals, and book excerpts.
The library also contains both the Center for Writing Excellence and the Center for Mathematics Excellence. In these centers, I can take tutorials to hone my skills and find information on writing guidelines and mathematical theories and processes.
There are a few resources where I can submit papers for review, including WritePoint and Plagiarism Checker. Papers submitted to WritePoint return with generated feedback on spelling, grammar and sentence structure, as well as formatting and punctuation. The Plagiarism Checker computes the commonalities of a student’s paper compared to thousands of papers submitted to Turnitin. The results generated by Plagiarism Checker allow me to rewrite or edit a paper to avoid copying other work.
Upholding Academic Honesty
At Axia College, we have a Student Code of Conduct that includes the Student Code of Academic Integrity. In order to maintain legitimacy to our degrees, it is essential that students follow these codes to the letter. The violation of these codes could result in expulsion from Axia. Upholding academic honesty includes avoiding the following:
Includes, but is not limited to, copying or paraphrasing work without properly citing the source. This violation can be avoided by thoroughly, and properly...