1.00 Journal Ap Psaychology

01.00 Journal
Please follow the directions below carefully. Submit your work in the student comments section of the assignment page where possible. Complete only one of the options for your journal.
Option 1
Copy the chart below and complete with clear definitions for the 20 terms or concepts provided. Then add 20 more from your reading to practice to prepare for the module 1 exam. Use the definition for “psychology” to guide your work.
Term or Concept|Definition|
1. psychology|Science of behavior and cognition. Scientific study of why we think the way we think and do what we do.|
2. objective introspection|The process of analyzing one’s own thoughts.|
3. structuralism|Psychological concept that all thoughts and actions could be broken down into basic elements. Associated with Wilhelm Wundt and Edward Titchener.|
4. functionalism|Psychological concept that thoughts and behaviors allow people to adapt, live, work, and play. Associated with William James.|
5. behaviorism|Science of behavior that focuses only on observable behavior. Associated with John B. Watson.|
6. cognitive neuroscience|The study of the physical workings of the brain and nervous system when engaged in memory, thinking, and other cognitive processes.|
7. psychiatrist|Medical doctors who provide diagnoses and therapy for people with mental disorders or mental conditions.|
8. psychoanalyst|Psychiatrists or psychologist with special training in the theory of psychoanalysis.|
9. psychological perspective|Seven modern perspectives that involve certain assumptions about human behavior. No one perspective is correct.|
10. Sigmund Freud|Neurologist who believed all behavior stems from unconscious motivation. Associated with psychoanalysis.|
11. APA Ethical Guidelines|Set of rules established by the American Psychological Association that all psychological studies must follow.|
12. hypothesis|Unconfirmed explanation of a phenomenon based on observations.|
13. correlation|The measure of a...