Ap English Language Synthesis Essay

Mike Sanders
AP English Language Synthesis Essay

Identity is a precarious feature of the human persona.   It is made by the user to be the perceived appropriate exterior to complement one’s interior.   According to James Baldwin, “…it is best that the garment be loose, a little like the robes of the desert, through which ones nakedness can always be felt, and sometimes, discerned”.   A wiser perception could never by synthesized.   The three ladies from Dorris’s A Yellow Raft In Blue Water all experience struggling conflicts with their own identities.   Young Rayona is a prime example of the teenage struggle to craft her identity; she must define her wants and needs, while also balancing her family struggles.   Christine never found the right “fitting” identity for herself; as the reader gains perspective from her story, it becomes evident she never felt comfortable with the identity she created for herself.   Ida is the sole character from the story that truly remains satisfied by her identity.   She is the perfect example of the importance of self-reliance and proper expectations.   Marcelle from Russell Banks’ Trailer Park gives a perspective to the importance of balancing self worth with the image you chose to create for yourself.   She seems truly comfortable with her appearance both physically and socially, yet she disregards the importance of her own well being.   The identity crises weaved through these stories intensifies the truth held within James Baldwin’s quote.
Rayona is a not-so-typical teenage girl with very quintessential identity problems.   She is a young teenager.   As a young teen, her view of the world will change abruptly and often, while her identity rushes to catch up.   The result is a skewed relevance to her perceived comfort, and what she views the world’s appropriate predetermined comfort for her to be.   The two do not match.   This causes the normal teenage symptoms; angst, frustration, and rebellion.   She even relates her life to...