Petroleum Journal

Petroleum Journal
Day 1
Today, I woke up at 6:45 by my alarm on my cell phone. Then, I crawled out of my synthetic fiber bed, and walked to my shower. I grabbed my plastic shampoo bottle to wash my hair. After my shower, I got out and dried myself with a cotton towel. While still in the bathroom, I brushed my teeth with my plastic toothbrush. I got my toothpaste out of a plastic tube. After that, I got dressed in my school clothes, which are made out of cotton and other synthetic fibers. Throughout all of these processes I used lights and other types of electricity.
After I finished dressing for school, I picked up my synthetic wallet, my keys, which have plastic around them, and my battery powered plastic cell phone. Then, I walked out the door for school. I placed my synthetic backpack in the back seat of my car, which is also made of synthetic fiber. I got in the driver’s seat and put on my synthetic beanie, because it was cold outside. Then, I was ready to go to school.
I turned on my car, which runs on electric batteries and gasoline. It also has rubber tires which are made of petroleum. Once I got to school, I walked across the asphalt to the school building, and found my way to my first class. I sat in a plastic chair, and wrote with a plastic pen. Every class was pretty much the same, but lunch was a little different. At lunch I sat in a plastic chair at a long plastic table. I took my lunch out of a brown bag, and my sandwich out of my plastic Ziploc bag.
Day 2
I am writing this journal in the year of 1810. I woke up to the sound of the rooster crowing outside of my window. As I crawled out of my bed I walked across my wooden floor to the bathroom. As I got into the bathroom, I light my beeswax candle as a source of light, so that I could see as I got ready for school. I took a quick sponge bath, with water from the well outside. I had to get the water the night before, and heat it over the fire when I woke up. Then, I brushed my teeth...