Reflective Journal

Personal development journal of Chris Davies
Date of writing 11.03.2010
Date referring to Friday 5.03.2010
Description of experience on which I am reflecting;
There are two points I want to reflect upon; firstly (1) how I felt coming into the class a week late and secondly (2) about an interactive teaching method where we worked in two’s, placing cards into a number of boxes.
Thoughts about my own and others responses and actions
1, Starting a week late I felt a little nervous and did not know anybody and the others did not know me. I think more could have been done to introduce me and vice versa the others to me, I know there are time frames and lesson plans to get through but this was and is very important to me.
2 I got the most out of the session we did when we were asked to place each card into a relevant box (responsibilities) I also think that my partner Adele enjoyed the task aswell.It certainly shows me that I learn best when I DO a task rather than just listen or watch. I also observed that on a whole the group were very responsive and competitive each pair anxious to give the answers. It also sparked the most discussion.
Links with my studies
I think it too early for me to be able to link this in
How I might apply what I learned in my own teaching
I will make every effort to make sure that new or late starters are integrated fully into the group and take some time to make introductions on all sides even if it takes time from my lesson it is very important that everybody is comfortable and can get on with learning rather than being anxious.
The interactive exercise I will definitely use in particular when teaching a subject which is important but not sexy (eg.Food and Beverage controls) not only do people enjoy this activity in includes everybody and ensures they take full part in the lesson.