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  • Sicko - Michael Moore Documentary

    How would you feel if your country, a developed country had worse health conditions than that of a third world country? How would you feel if you couldn’t get treatment...

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  • Health Care Debate

    “All good things are very hard to achieve; all bad things are easy to get” ~ Rene Descartes, Mathematician IT’S SOCIALISM! REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH! IT’S...

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  • Emc: Final Exam Paper

    CRITICAL PAPER Choose one of the following films (substitutions may be made by approval of instructor only): “Democracy on Deadline“ (Calvin Skaggs) “Fahrenheit 911...

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  • Child Abduction

    I selected this social problem because of the deep passion and addiction i have for crime television. One day I realized how many child abductions and child predators are...

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  • My Crazy Life

    Ewwwww!!!!" I screamed and slapped Jace on the head. "What is wrong with you sicko?" Mr Harrington is a 60 year old man, who is the grouchiest and boringest teacher...

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  • Humanities

    Sicko is a documentary movie that investigates health care in the United States which focus on the people who are covered by their health insurance and others who are...

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