My Crazy Life

Jo's POV

Hey guys, the names Joanna. Jo for short. Arrghhh have to get up from bed to go to boring old school. I swear the government do this to torture us.

Oh well I can't be bothered to care for that today, I need my beauty sleep. Just as soon as I am about to fall asleep my iPad starts to ring, jeez the Gods up there must love me excuse my sarcasm. I open my iPad and this is what I get, "Jo!!!!", screamed Callie. " get down stairs right now and get ready otherwise I ain't picking you up!"

" Geez,I'm on my way Cal stop getting your panties in a twist." Callie blew a raspberry at me. "How childish can you get Cal".

"Hmmph, I don't care".

I closed the iPad and dragged myself away from my comfy bed. "Goodbye comfy bed" I fake cried, "I will see you again tonight."

As soon as I got down the stairs and into the kitchen I get to see,

Jace my 17 year old slob of brother drinking milk straight from the carton.

"Jace!!!!! Stop drinking from the carton you know everyone drinks from their you slob." He laughed at me, I mean seriously he needs to go to the school of manners. Urrghhh so damn irritating.

"Seriously Jo the school of manners. Well maybe you should go to the odd school since me drinking milk bothers you so much.

The door closed and mum walked into the room. She's the best mom you could ever have eventhough I don't say this often but my mom rocks she's my best friend and she is very very pretty. People always say we look like sisters not that it bothers me much. OMG i'm rambling again aren't I?


"Jace stop clicking your fingers what's wrong with you weirdo?"

Sis you might want to think about that again you were the one that was daydreaming who was it about? Was it Mr Harrington?" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

I crinkled my face and probably looked constipated, "Ewwwww!!!!" I screamed and slapped Jace on the head. "What is wrong with you sicko?" Mr Harrington is a 60 year old man, who is the...