Sicko is a documentary movie that investigates health care in the United States which focus on the people who are covered by their health insurance and others who are not covered at all. The film shows the difference between the United States health insurance system with the universal health care systems of Canada the United Kingdom, France and Cuba. There are nearly 50 million Americans without health care insurance in the United States alone and 18,000 Americans will die because they're uninsured. Moore talks to one person who lost his two fingers with a power saw and realizes he would need twelve-thousand dollars to save one and sixty-thousand dollars to save the other. Since he had no health insurance to save both of his fingers, he decided to pay the twelve thousand dollars for his ring finger.

On February 17, 1971, Richard Nixon met with John Ehrlichman to discuss the Vice President's position on health maintenance organizations and the next day, Nixon called for a "new national health strategy" that had four points for expanding the proliferation of health maintenance organizations, The United States was ranked number 37 as a health system by the World Health Organization.
Health care in Canada is, completely free and Canadians live three years longer than Americans. That is because doctors there are paid based on how good they do by the patients. Tommy Douglas, who pioneered Canada's health care system, was heralded as most the nation’s singular most important person to help Canada Health Insurance. Moore follows a young American woman as she crosses north over the U.S.-Canada border and to obtain health insurance by marring a close friend who is Canadian, and one man says that he had to come back to Canada after enduring an pain injury during a visit in Florida because in Canada his treatment would be free.
I feel like since there are so many people paying for insurance in the US that it should be completely free by this time. People have put so...