Emc: Final Exam Paper


Choose one of the following films (substitutions may be made by approval of instructor only):

“Democracy on Deadline“ (Calvin Skaggs) “Fahrenheit 911” (Michael Moore)
“Control Room” (Jehane Noujaim) “Bowling for Columbine” (Michael Moore)
“Outfoxed” (Robert Greenwald) “Sicko” (Michael Moore)
“The Corporation” (Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott, Joel Bakan) “Capitalism: A Love Story” (Michael Moore)
“Super Size Me” (Morgan Spurlock) “An Inconvenient Truth” (Davis Guggenheim, Al Gore) “This Film Is Not Yet Rated” (Kirby Dick) “Waiting for Superman” (Davis Guggenheim)
“Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” (Alex Gibney) “Religulous” (Larry Charles, Bill Maher)
“South of the Border” (Oliver Stone)

The assignment is to view the film, research the filmmaker and public reaction to the film, identify the central theme and write a critical analysis.   Put names and titles of publications, articles, reviews, films, etc. in quotations or italics.   Your paper should be double-spaced, 12-point type, with 1” margins.
List sources at the end of each section.

PART I (25 points):

Define the following terms and list your sources:

 Documentary

 Objectivity

 Propaganda

 Conservative / Right Wing

 Progressive / Left Wing

PART II (15 points):

 Write a brief (at least one-half page) biography of the filmmaker.

 Cite sources for your research (magazine, website, newspaper, etc. by including title, author, publication, date & year).   If you use wikipedia, you must cite a secondary source.   Do not copy and paste from a website!

PART III (20 points):

Research and write a synopsis of:

 A positive review of the film

 A negative review of the film

 Summarize two professional film critics’ reviews in your own words, using quotations and excerpts for emphasis.   Again, do not copy and paste from a website.   Write at least eight to ten sentences on each review.

 Your reviewers must be...