Health Care Debate

“All good things are very hard to achieve; all bad things are easy to get”
      ~ Rene Descartes, Mathematician

      IT’S SOCIALISM! REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH! IT’S COMMUNISM! IT’S EXPANSION OF GOVERNMENT! YOU’LL GO TO JAIL IF YOU DON’T HAVE A HEALTH PLAN! HEALTH CARE SHOULD BE AFFORDABLE! HEALTH CARE SHOULD BE A GUARANTEED RIGHT! THEY WANT TO TAKE OUR FREEDOMS! These are just some of the posters, lies (depending on whether national health insurance is supported or not), criticism and obstacles that the Obama Administration is currently facing. The healthcare debate is heating up, and has seen its fair share of publicity since the late 1960’s (Sicko). Now an ambitious Obama Administration is trying to finally implement a means whereby everyone can finally get affordable healthcare. The Obama Administration is trying to create a solution where people don’t have to worry about whether they are working or not in order to have insurance, so that they can see a doctor wherever, whenever for whatever. For those currently employed, they don’t have to worry much if they are already covered(United States Dept.). The ones that should worry are those in volatile companies, insecure job industries, contract workers, part time workers. Life is good when a person has a job, but what will happen when their unit is put on notice or they are notified that their business is shutting down? Will they continue to buy insurance while sacrificing their essential goods and amenities? Can they still afford to buy their own insurance after the devastating news?

      I can answer that question from my current experience. Back when my husband was working, we were living a wonderful life. He was insured by the company, we had money left over every month to enjoy our life. We would go out for dinner, movies or just go for a drive. Then, as the proverb says, “All good things, must come to an end”.   First his pay was reduced, then his insurance was discontinued without notification, but...