You Know Operation Procedures of China Sand Dryers?

Mine equipment river sand dryer technicians to share with you the china sand dryer operation steps hope everyone in the operation of the equipment in strict accordance with the standards, avoid any unnecessary trouble.

1, China sand dryer installed equipment shall be not less than 4 hours of empty machine commissioning, to ensure the normal operation.In the commissioning process occurs in a city is not the normal situation should be handled in time.

2, after the test run quartz sand dryer, check and tighten all bolts again, check and lack of lubricating oil, to load test after test run normally.

3, preheating of hot air stove, and at the same time open dryer equipment, never connect body don't turn the heating, to prevent the cylinder bending.

4, according to the circumstance of preheating, next to the drying cylinder is to join the wet material, according to rule out the water composition of material condition, gradually increase feed feed rate.Sand dryer preheating needs a process, hot blast stove should have a preheating process, also banned all of a sudden the fire burning.Part to prevent overheating, heat shrinkable uneven and cause damage.

5, fuel combustion value of high and low, the merits of the insulation quality of the parts, wet material containing water, feeding rate of homogeneous degree, affect the quality of drying equipment, affect the fuel consumption.So it probably to make each part to the best of the best form is an effective way to improve the economic benefit.

6, in the work state, roller frame should be filled with water.Cheer the lubrication parts should be in real time.

7, when stop river sand dryer, you should be the hot blast stove, drying cylinder should continue to rotate until cooled to near ambient temperature when to stop.Do not park high temperature, to prevent cylinder bending deformation.

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