Improve the Energy Saving of Rotary Sand Dryer

So-called multilayer sleeve type rotary sand dryer, compared with the conventional drum dryer, with one cylinder, one is more drum set together, the material from the inner tube, to the cone, to the outer tube. Is also a dryer, if the length is Fote, multilayer (three layers, for example), compared with single cylinder drying stroke increased three times. That is to say, the multi-layer dryer compared with monocular, covers an area of only one-third of monocular.The drying of the most common rotary sand dryer (single type, relative to the multilayer socket drum dryer), in actual use, found that energy consumption is higher, the single cylinder dryer, ebullient bed drying, fluoridized bed reactor in comparison but it than fluoridized bed, ebullient bed, easy to control, easy to operate.In a word, drum dryer is best to use, low requirements for workers. So in many places, the can be used a lot. But energy intensive and users have a headache, after all this can need current of glistening silver, in virtually it is wasted.We put the dry quartz sand as an example, the multi-layer sleeve quartz sand compared with single tube type rotary sand dryer, heating mode (are all hot air type), all other things being equal, multilayer sleeve quartz sand dryer drying out a ton of sand, coal consumption for 8 kg, and the single type drying out of the sand need 12 kg per ton. From the hot blast temperature, also can have determined that under the condition of inlet air temperature and the exhaust temperature of the single cylinder dryer need to over 85 degrees, to make the sand drying, and multilayer drum only need 60 degrees or so.clay dryer: