Attention the Operation and Maintenance of Rotary Dryer

The last dryer equipment experts to remind the majority of users: drying machine maintenance is a very important regular work, it should be with extremely the operation and maintenance of close cooperation, shall have full-time staff on duty.Zhengzhou hongxing group has been committed to large and medium-sized small drying equipment: slime drying machine,sand drying machine,cassava dregs dryer,micropowder dryer,slag,sludge drying machine,three cylinder drying machine, lignite drying machine series drying machine equipment R & D and production.

Using the above structure,the dryer equipment weight 25% the left and right sides,but equipment stability and resistance to negative pressure increasing ability strong instead.Two most important,one is reduced weld number and shell deformation,reduce the air leakage factors and weld the powder dust corrosion bring escape; 2 it is to avoid the bending fracture and the influence of the line in advance the service life of the shell.' alt='rotary dryer' width='400' />

When the ventilation quantity of hours,in order to improve the gate height,so that burning front in a negative pressure environment,the rear parts of the positive pressure environment material calcining.At the same time maintaining heat insulating and cooling machine air flow into the location position,in order to improve the burning quality of the fuel and the heat exchange efficiency,eliminate the coal slime dryer slime drying machine underfired phenomenon.

The rotary dryer shell structure through the above structure improvement,in addition to health,can realize LFEF site manufacture, installation and when with; And the whole piece of steel plate need not feeding,directly to the site installation;For two whole piece of steel plate joining together,flat-fell seam is in in the steel with two steel welding, and can realize the Lord reinforced with materials and installation to welding position;So, reduce the...