How to Do Corrosion Protection of River Sand Dryer?

River sand dryer machine is a drying machine that is able to process large quantities of materials. Due to its advantages such as strong production capacity, wide application range, small flow resistance and convenient operation, the river sand drying machine is usually used as the ideal tool for drying sand, river sand, slag, coal cinder and silica sand. So we need the river sand dryer much!

River sand dryer machine in outage maintenance checks every day, can not turn off the power supply, because of the large matching equipment, need to turn it off in a certain order. Avoid cylinder body with too much residual material. First stop the feeder and blower, namely stop to feed river sand dryer river sand, to scrap below 50 degrees Celsius temperature, stop the dryer equipment, induced draft fan and conveyor belt. Furnace temperature to reach the upper feeder, river sand dryer machine into the wind is too big, chill inhaled too much, far way and feeder and the untight seal device untight seal, the outside temperature is too low, the ventilation is too large, these factors will affect the temperature of hot blast stove. So you can see the function of daily maintenance and maintenance of China river sand dryer is very important.

River sand drying machine has large flue gas humidity, temperature range, can make the electrical dust catcher work under dew point, sometimes easy to dewing, together with dust removal system is negative pressure air leakage at runtime, the dryer continuous production, to accelerate the corrosion of metal components, for anti-corrosion structure of electric dust collector is cannot little, our company adopted the following measures to solve the problem of river sand dryer.

(1) the corona wire is made of stainless steel materials

(2) body heat preservation, six cylinder package together, so heat preservation effect is good, reduce dust catcher condensation occurrence in opportunity.

(3) the electric field the LF - 2...