Comprehensive Description of Rotary Sand Dryer

The china sand drying machine or rotary sand dryer is mainly used to dry the granular materials with a certain moisture content, such as the yellow sand in the dry mortar industry, foundry sand with all kinds of types in the casting industry, the blast furnace slag and granular clay in the cement industry and the granular materials which will cause no chemical reaction and resist to the high temperature, smoke and dust in the chemical industry.

Sand dryer is formed of rotary body, lifting blade, driving device, supporting device and sealing ring. Fote sand dryer machine adopts direct flow type of heating with heat source from firing uint. The material to be dried is pushed back immediately by spiral board when enters the shell from feeding tank and feeding chute. Because the rotary sand dryer is installed in slope, material flows to the back end under gravity and rotation force, meanwhile, the rotary dryer machine lifted by board repeatedly and thrown down accordingly, which make the material from even curtain and exchange heat sufficiently with inner the heat flow. In the end, water in the material is dried by repeatedly scattering.

Rotary sand dryer is a cylinder dryer with large processing capacity. Due to the reliable operation and strong adaptability, this sand drying machine is widely used in the field of building material, metallurgy, food, chemical, coal, medicine, etc. The cylinder sand dryer is suitable for the granular materials, sticky materials with additinal materials or high moisture materials. Especially for the drying of sand, it has excellent performance.

Working Principle and Operation of Rotary Sand Dryer

1. First, the material was transfered by the transfer system enter into the rotary dryer cylinder, flied by raising plate device which are uniform distribution in the drum cylinder.

2. The material are evenly distributed in rotary dryer cylinder which can bear high temperature, then fully contact with the hot air, speed up...