Year 10 Assignment - Mathematics Measuring with a Clinometer

Discussion of Errors (Experiment)

There are numerous factors and reasons for the several variations, inconsistencies and irregularities that arose from the completion of this experiment.
The construction of the clinometer had a significant impact on whether or not I performed the experiment accurately. For instance, my clinometer’s string was initially 89 degrees as opposed to the suggested 90 degrees and it was also considerably long. I consequently altered this and as a result recorded more consistent results and measurements (e.g.   Light post 1st: 16.96 m, 2nd: 18.21 m, 3rd: 18.35m etc.) Hence, imperfections (others include my position of my straw) in the clinometer affected my height determinations and measurements.
I originally attempted to record measurements using the clinometer individually. These were ultimately inaccurate and incorrect as I surprisingly calculated the height of the light post to be 10 m and the crossbar to be 5m. As a result, I requested assistance from a peer (i.e. I look the straw while he records the angle next to the angle of elevation (x)) and subsequently my height determinations and measurements appeared to be clearly more realistic and accurate (although still with some slight variations). Thus the manner in which I utilised the clinometer had a conspicuous impact on my measurements.
The weather conditions were unfavourable (i.e. windy). The wind was an extreme annoyance and liability. My mass serving as a plumb line constantly moved side to side even in the gentle breezes. This obviously affected my angle in which I used to calculate heights. However my assistant (i.e. Charles) managed to record the angle when there was minimal movement of the string. Hence, the weather conditions affected my angles.  
I believe the ground level was somewhat different when measuring the light post. Additionally, I presumed the light post was on a slight angle (i.e. leaning). I noticed my measurements were varying and I perceive this...