Assignment 1

Contents 1
Introduction 2
A-placement school context, ethos and policies 3
Theories of learning, learning styles 7
Teaching styles and strategies 10
Evidence of professional values and practice 13
Conclusion 14
Bibliography and Reference List 16


“Observation is in one sense a research exercise.”
(Capel, 2009 p.77)

The aim of this assignment is to link the personal experience of observing a pupil’s school day with current pedagogy theories, teaching strategies and learning styles.

An overview of the A-placement school, its policies, ethos and context is given in order to show how a pupil’s timetable and lessons fit into this school‘s very own context, which will vary from school to school.

The observations made on one school day are a reflection of the daily routines a student (further to be referred to as Martha) follows as well as the teachers whose classes the learner attended.
The data was gathered on the 4th of November 2010 by following and observing Martha (11 years old from White British heritage) as a learning pupil and several teachers’ performances. She was introduced to the fact of being observed and responded very well. Most of the lessons she seemed to have forgotten about it, was on task and concentrated on the class teacher.

In the end there will be an answer to how teaching is happening and as consequence of a, or various, teaching strategies and styles how learning is taking place. The pupil’s reactions to teacher input, questioning and guiding are evaluated.

    A-placement school: context, ethos and policies

“A relaxed, caring environment where students are
encouraged to achieve their potential.” (GGSG School’s prospectus)

Gravesend Grammar School for Girls (GGSG) is a selective girls only school attended by 979 pupils at present. There are 74 full- time teachers teaching a range of subjects throughout Key stage (KS) 3, 4 and 5,...