Choices Year 10 Feature Article

How Choices Affect Your Future the Bad and the Good.
Life is like an intersection with many pathways to take, the path we take leads us to different challenges and obstacles along our journey. The choices and decisions that we make during our path of maturing are destinations for our future.
Each choice leads to a consequence. We are making choices all the time so we must learn to make responsible decisions since they will be affecting our lives in a negative or positive way.
Most teenagers that make a bad choice they get something broken, they screw up in class, hurt somebody’s feeling, get sent to the principal’s office or get grounded. Then there are kids that make a bad choice then somebody gets shot in the parking lot.
Anthony a 23 year old, who’s got a rap sheet of a season criminal at the age of 20, says it’s all about the choices you make while you’re still growing up. Anthony was born in Monich to a single Malaysian mother. Like many new immigrants she comes to Monich for the cheap affordable housing. She works long hours at minimum waged jobs and was rarely home and it wasn’t long until Antony was in trouble. He says “It all started with just chilling and having a good time with mates which then soon changed to going out and fighting. And from there it just went on for a long time.”
Since the time Anthony’s mum divorced his father, she had to live on her own to raise him. Anthony lacked someone to teach him what are the right things and what are the right choices to make.
A lot of people say that Anthony is too deep into the gang life and he just currently realised also that he is in too deep. That realisation came from when he was answering the door and on the other side there were 9 guys that were armed. Anthony looked through the peep hole and sees a guy that he knew so he opened the door.
As soon as he opened it a guy from the right came and pushed the door in. They started hitting him, hitting him until he was down to the floor. Anthony...