Why Should Tkam Be a Text for All Year 10 People

To Kill a Mockingbird should be a text for all year ten students because it is a great novel that expresses valuable themes and messages. The main characters of this novel are inspiring, for example, Atticus. Atticus is an inspiring character as he constantly displays a positive attitude towards everybody. This novel is very popular and is read by many people around the world.
According to About.com, the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, was written by Harper Lee and published in 1960. This novel has become a great success; it also won the Pulitzer Prize in 1961. To Kill a Mockingbird should be a text for all year ten students because it is a great and classic novel that gives students insight about American history during the 1930’s. In To Kill a Mockingbird it is evident that in the 1930’s, life for the African Americans in the Southern States of America was unfair and prejudiced, as they were treated with a lot less respect than the white people were.
This book brings students to the realisation of the unequal society set in the novel, and it shows them that it is incorrect for black people to be treated in such a way that makes them lower than the white people.
The themes revealed in To Kill a Mockingbird are very important; the main issue revealed in the novel is ‘Prejudice’ and the theme unfolded is, prejudiced thinking leads to inequality. This is evident in the novel as there are many outcasts of society due to the towns prejudiced thinking, for example, Boo Radley and Tom Robinson. To Kill a Mockingbird displays prejudice in two different ways, racially and socially.
Racial prejudice is the main issue in the book and a victim of racial prejudice in the book is Tom Robinson. An example where racial prejudice is shown is at the trial. Mr. Gilmer referred to Tom as ‘boy’, and used a tone of voice as if he was talking to a very low creature, which also made Tom look foolish. This is all because Tom is black.
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