Ba Core Year 2 Maths Assignment


Year 2
Core Mathematics
Assignment brief
These are just some pointers which might help!
• Think about what the quote actually means –who may wish to refer to the old NNS to help you can focus your essay – NNS p.11 onwards Where did it start? Cockcroft, Maths Counts 1982 but don’t get bogged down in a history report!  How does it all fit in now?  Check out post 2003 SATS reports on web (Google should find it) as it mentions the need for more problem solving.  Also ‘Excellence and Enjoyment’ 2003  (Primary National Strategy) places emphasis on problem solving to develop key skills and thinking skills
• Consider the importance of developing children’s mathematical thinking and analyse the ways in which a blend of teaching and learning approaches may encourage children’s mathematical thinking.  Try to be reflective ( linked to own experiences where possible) and critical (linked to research) thus justifying your own opinions
• You must relate your discussions to a particular mathematics topic of your choice, thus demonstrating your mathematical subject knowledge and remember to support the theory with practical examples related to this topic.
• One of the ways in which children’s mathematical thinking can be developed is through effective questioning and discussion techniques so you need to include this role of the teacher in your discussions
• What about the use of ICT and the IWB to support a blend of lively and engaging approaches?
• Good reading: Effective Teaching: Evidence and Practice by Daniel Muijs and David Reynolds.  2005 2nd ed London Sage
• Try to get your voice to come through –supported by reading and research rather than inspired by!
• Remember you may not cover everything but better to limit the points you make (and tell the reader you recognise this) but ensure you analyse in depth.
• Is there counter argument? points to think about when taking into account the needs of ALL the learners
• See...