With the Help of Examples Drawn from the Surveillance Film, Outline the Ways in Which Surveillance Is Used to Deliver Crime Control and Social Welfare.

Surveillance plays an integral role in delivering both crime control and social welfare. The use of surveillance in crime control is used as a preventative deterrent, whilst in social welfare; it is used for protection and safeguarding. However there are entanglements between crime control and social welfare; “the tensions between being watched out for and protected, and being watched over so that others may be protected” (as quoted by Allan Cochrane, Commentator, The Open University, 2008a).
The use of CCTV as a surveillance tool in The Open University (2008a) shows how criminal activity can be monitored and controlled when a man enters the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds, from which he is banned for previous deviant behaviour. CCTV is used by the security staff to visually track his movements through the centre. This information is passed onto other security staff and a police officer, who are then able to find the man and escort him out of the building. According to the centre’s Head of Security, (John White, The Open University, 2008a), the visual surveillance CCTV gives them enables the security staff to prevent any type of criminal activity from occurring. Detection of crimes by authorities is a major deterrent for criminals and the punishments that occur are seen as a form of crime prevention, such as ASBO’s, being banned from an area, electronic tagging and prison.
Gated communities are increasingly popular around the world. This is due to the feeling of security and protection they offer the people living within them. The Open University (2008c) discusses the various forms of surveillance used in gated communities. CCTV, security guards and access codes are different forms of surveillance that can be used to monitor who is allowed access and what occurs inside. These measures are put into place to exclude those who can cause harm to the residents.
Surveillance in social welfare is used to protect people and therefore prevent them from harm. Public...