Dd208 Tma 01

I am going to be approaching the topic of surveillance and outlining the ways in which surveillance is used to deliver crime control and social welfare, how effective its use is and how it helps the citizens of society. I will do this by looking at an example from the DD208 online surveillance film.

Surveillance is a way of keeping close observation of an area, people or something of importance to help maintain the safety of people and their surroundings. Surveillance acts as a second pair of eyes capturing any misbehaviour within society. When thinking of the word surveillance we automatically think of cameras, yet this being an important way of the use of surveillance there are also many other forms, for example the use of telephones, internet use, atm machines and also in human form as security guards, police and social workers. With the use of these types of surveillance they help maintain social control, recognising threats and prevent criminal activity. This form of surveillance is used around the world and is very effective in controlling an environment.

By watching the DD208 film 1, chapter 1- Introducing surveillance, a good example of the use of different forms of surveillance covering the same area is in the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds. Many people of society come here on a daily basis, with it being such an active environment the use of cameras covering the whole area is essential and very beneficial, not only for the surveillance team, giving them an oversight of the location they are controlling but also to the customers, unfortunately not everybody’s opinions are the same upon surveillance which I will be discussing in a moment.
The surveillance team have many cameras covering positions from all angles, allowing them to observe the actions of the public from a distance, they also patrol the centre by foot, supervising the public closely and attending to any situations which are regarded as unwelcome or harmful and need...