Surveillance is around us every day of our lives. We’re monitored trough professionals, security cameras, guard’s electronic devices etc. However, the issue of safety and security has made surveillance an effective tool to control crime and make us feel safe and cared for. It is so widely spread in today’s world that many of us feel that they are being watch all the time which can make us feel intimidated.

As crime rises people feel safer in a secure environment like shopping centres which are equipped with cameras and security guards. However, some people find it a bit intimidating. The area in which people live can change the perceptions of crimes, because the public perception of crime portrays fear of crime. Fear of crime is when people believe they are more likely to be a victim of a crime as opposed to the probability of being victimized. (The OU, 2008, DVD1, Chapter 1).

Only groups of five children are allowed at a time within the shopping centre, anymore than that are asked to leave, where as a large group of adults are able to walk around the shopping centre, this in away is making young people feel, as if people are expecting them to cause problems. Children will "act normally" when they know the CCTV camera is on them. However they will only behave the certain way when they know they're being watched. So therefore has the shopping centre really managed to have a better environment.

However, they’ve opened a learning centre that has changed young people’s life’s and helped find alternative way, of motivating children, to stop them from be excluded from school. Will Heeson, has not continued his education and is helping other kids with similar issues. This was due to his own social Welfare and this illustrates the ‘entanglement’ within crime control and social Welfare by supporting parents and protecting children. ..(The OU, 2008, DVD1, Chapter 1).

Children are one of the most vulnerable groups, in society and need extra care and nurture in...