Dd208 Tma 05

Write a review of Sydney’s Safe City Strategy 2007-2012 making use if the concepts, evidence and policy discussed in Book 3.


The concept of community is interpreted by individuals and groups in different ways, resulting in many perceptions drawn from experience both presently and historically. With this in mind, policy makers have many social problems and ideals to overcome when developing strategies to overcome social welfare and crime control issues.   Sydney’s Safe City Strategy 2007-2012 (DD208, Course Team, 2010) is an example of policy makers drawing upon experience and using this to combat social issues such as crime control and anti-social behaviour, that are currently presenting themselves in the city and developing a strategy that supports those that need help and creating an environment that will promote positive social behaviour.


The Strategy document illustrates how the policy makers in Sydney are disclosing they have certain problems that are recognised as global issues is western society and developing an action plan on how they as a community will deal with the problems effectively. This type of community management recognises the diversity of the city’s population and tapering to their needs while maintaining a positive and healthy environment for all.

The 7 objectives laid down by the strategy are revolved around crime prevention and intervention.   This is tackled through developing housing and creating a desirable environment and managing behaviour and in turn strengthening the community to be working together instead of against each other. This type of management gives the community ownership of its problems and therefore developing a proactive community that recognises and takes action to prevent the problems from continuing and shape it into something more desirable from both the policy makers and the population.   At first glance it provides specific, measurable and realistic targets of how each objective can...