Winterboune Care Home Essay

The scandal that unfolded at Winterbourne View is devastating.
Like many, I have felt shock, anger, dismay and deep regret that vulnerable people were able to be treated in such an unacceptable way, and that the serious concerns raised by their families were ignored by the authorities for so long.
This in-depth review, set up in the immediate aftermath of the Panorama programme in May 2011, is about the lessons we must learn and the actions we must take to prevent abuse from happening again.
It is also about promoting a culture and a way of working that actively challenges poor practice and promotes compassionate care across the system.
First and foremost, where serious abuse happens, there should be serious consequences for those responsible.
At Winterbourne View, the staff had committed criminal acts, and six were imprisoned as a result. However, the Serious Case Review showed a wider catalogue of failings at all levels, both from the operating company and across the wider system.
When failure occurs, repercussions should be felt at all levels of an organisation. Through proposed changes to the regulatory framework, we will send a clear message to owners, Directors and Board members: the care and welfare of residents is your active responsibility, so expect to be held to account if abuse or neglect takes place.
Yet Winterbourne View also exposed some wider issues in the care system.
There are far too many people with learning disabilities or autism staying too long in hospital or residential homes, and even though many are receiving good care in these settings, many should not be there and could lead happier lives elsewhere. This practice must end.
We should no more tolerate people being placed in inappropriate care settings than we would people receiving the wrong cancer treatment. That is why I am asking councils and clinical commissioning groups to put this right as a matter of urgency.
Equally, we should remember that not everything will...