Principles of Health & Social Care Hnd

Principles in Health
Social Care
By Marceline Bosongo Lokwa

Principles Of health & social care practice


In this essay will be cover principles in health and social care for example understand the impact of policies, legislation, regulations. Understanding how principles of support are implemented in health and social care practice. Understanding the theories that underpin health and social care practice, finally being able to contribute to development and implementation of health and social care organizational policy.



A care worker in ABC care home should be conscious not to involve themselves in any actions that could seen as discriminatory, (sex discrimination act 1975, race relations 1976, disability 1995) making sure that any treatment process that does not rule out or offend people according to their sex, race or age.

Confidentiality (data protection act 1998) means no discloser or sharing information about people without their consent and ensuring electronic and written information cannot be accessed or read by people who have no right or reason to see it. Service users only trust a care worker who keeps information confidential because service users may not feel value or able to keep their self esteem if their private details are shared with others , they may not feel secure if all their information are disclosed

It is important that care workers in ABC care home communicate clearly with service users all the time, asking service users information about their conditions their feelings, moreover when you care for someone it is important to listen to them and communicate clearly with them, because lack of understanding service users can create communication barriers, empathy is also very important aspect of caring.


Everyone has the right to live their life free from violence and abuse whiles maintaining their independence and...