Why Do Many People Not Receive the Home Care That They Need or Want?


In this essay I am going to explain why it can be difficult to obtain home care help and why it is not always what people expect it to be. However, home care help can play a vital part in people’s lives to enable them to keep on living their daily lives from the comfort of their own homes.   It can be hard to access services; barriers can prevent people from seeking help in the first instance:
  Such as feeling a failure with not be able to cope
  Not accepting the full reality of what is going on around them
  Not knowing what costs are involved,
  Resistance from the person who is being cared for not wanting anyone else to help them
  Not knowing where to ask for help and who from
  Not knowing what services are available
  Or what choices they have other than putting the care user into a care home.

The first choice would be contact and enlist help from social services.   After contacting social services individuals will have to undergo an assessment of needs and if appropriate a care package is then organised. It sets out a set of services that will meet the needs of the assessment; from this a care plan is developed.   A social worker or a community nurse normally writes this and lists what services they are entitled to have, the care plan then sets out what care the individual can expect to receive.  

This can be a long and drawn out process to get to this stage and there are other factors that have to be taken into account; such as income and wealth.   A person’s income is taken into account when they are assessed along with any savings and as a result they could be expected to help pay towards their care or to pay for it all. It can also depend on where you live, e.g. the ‘postcode lottery’, different local councils have their own criteria and budget for people needing social care.

Utilising the example of Ann and Angus from Who Cares. It had taken Ann a...