Wider Professional Practice

That introducing a Male Grooming course to [] will provide a wider and more inclusive portfolio of courses to the Hair department

In this unit I will be writing a critical reflection and analysis looking at wider professional practice. Social Policy is the study of social welfare, and its relationship to politics and society. In this assignment I will explore policies which have been enforced in the past, along with new policies which are having a current affect on the Long Life Learning sector: equality and diversity, economic growth, community regeneration, regulation, inspection and evaluation. In writing this assignment I will try to make sense of the impact that these changes have had on our education system and identify where its future lies.   I also believe these changes will contribute greatly to improving the quality of teaching, training and learning within the FE system and will provide a key part in supporting the professionalism within the workforce.
Task 1
For my research project, I would like to introduce a short course, ‘Male Grooming’ to []. I have chosen this because of government changes and lack of funding, I feel this will introduce more funding to the college as it will be full cost to the student. My aim would also be to introduce more males into the college and promote diversity.It would be a ten week course. I believe short courses are a way forward. Because of government funding cutbacks there is a need to introduce full cost courses to the college. I have chosen this topic because the current curriculum for NVQ Hairdressing is a womens only qualification. (All assessments must be carried out on women only).   From a wider social aspect, this short course would encourage more males to enter the salon/college. This could be through male clients or males carrying out the course. Also because of funding changes, the college is always looking for ways to introduce more funding. As the male grooming course would...