7305-Dtlls L5 Handbook V1 2

Level 5 Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (7305)
Qualification handbook Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) framework
Further to feedback received from centres and EVs, the following revisions have been made to this handbook. Page number references are provided to help clarify where amendments have been applied.
Page number 11 18 Revisions QCF guidance and information updated Statement added under ‘Certification’: ‘Before a full qualification can be claimed, the claiming centre must possess a record of the candidate’s fully completed teaching practice log which evidences fulfilment of the 150 teaching practice hours required of this qualification.’ Statement added to clarify depth of theory required at each level : ‘When planning delivery of the programme, centres must address all the points of the aims and content for the unit (section aims for PTLLS unit). At level 3, there is no need to cover theorists in too much detail. At level 4, candidates should be encouraged to use their noncontact time for theoretical research and reading.’ Reflective Learning Journal (RLJ): statement clarified to establish when it is good practice and when it is mandatory for candidates to complete the RLJ for the Certificate. Task 5: form suggested for use changed to Form 12, now provided on page 121 of handbook. This form is specific to observations for the PTLLS unit. Task 7: form suggested for use changed to Form 11, now provided on page 120 of handbook. This form is specific to the PTLLS unit. 53 Statement added clarifying that L4 theory assessment is for use by in-service and pre-service candidates. Tasks 1 and 2 – added ‘would be’ to clarify that these tasks apply for pre-service candidates too. Task 3 revised to include micro-teaching, this had been omitted in error previously. (51 & 55) Task 6 revised to read: ‘Complete a reflective learning journal after each assessment task completed and / or session attended throughout the PTLLS programme.’ (45)...