E207 Subject Knowledge and Professional Practice in Primary Schools

Subject knowledge and professional practice in primary schools
My aim in this EMA is to reflect on the use of ICT and how it supports learning and   to evaluate my own subject knowledge learning .To discuss my own self-evaluation and next steps for subject learning and professional development within my role as a 1:1 and class teaching assistant in year two of a one form entry, village Church of England primary school. I will ensure anonymity and confidentiality in accordance to Bera Ethical guidelines (BERA, 2011), seeking permission and changing names when referring to discussions, work or observations.
Using technology for learning
URL : http://storybird.com/books/my-mum-184 (Gander,2013).  
In this section of the EMA I will discuss my thinking behind my Storybird story, what the intended cross curricular subject learning is, how I might utilise it and what I have learnt from using it .
Supporting a child with SEN gives me opportunities to explore multimodality across the curriculum ensuring the child   has the same exposure to the National Curriculum (Department of Education, 2013)   as other children .The small group of children I regularly support   including child with SEN   and another with EAL , are of lower learning ability and are very much visual learners as well as kinesthetic and so require   visual imagery to support written instructions and online programmes to support literacy and numeracy. This style of teaching and learning supports the explanation by the UKLA that we as teachers need to recogonise the relationships between these modes, use them in our teaching and support the child with them to develop children’s skills in literacy. (UKLA,2007) .
With these children in mind, I wanted to create a story that was simple in text but also visually exciting so   that the pictures would offer scope for discussion. I felt the most obvious way to encourage this discussion also was to create a story focused on PSHE so that they can relate...