Foundations in Professional Practice

Foundations in Professional Practice
Experience of inter-professional Collaboration in your
area of clinical practise

The aim of this essay is to identify a client or patient in which to focus upon, in order

to be able to maximise their health. The essay will focus on the health and wellbeing

of the client rather than the disease or illness. It will look at the Physical,

Psychological, Spiritual and Social needs of the client and their family. The essay

will focus on the nurse’s role in the Assessment and planning of the patient’s health

and wellbeing. The patient will be reviewed holistically. It will also identify the

importance of health promotion and how it can help to maximise a patient’s health

and wellbeing.

In order to consider maximising health it is first necessary to define the meaning of

health itself. The world health organisation (WHO1984)` defines health as, a state of

Complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease

of infirmity`. However,   Amitai Etzioni (1998) argue that health cannot be defined as

a state at all, but must be seen as a process of continuous adjustment to the changing

demands of living and the meanings we give to life.

The client will be referred to as Mrs Jones for the purpose of the assignment, this

name is minimised to confirm to the NMC (2008). Mrs Jones is a 43 year old lady

admitted into hospital with chest pain and shortness of breath. On assessment it

appears she suffered a heart attack also known as a Myocardial Infarction (MI). She

has just recently been diagnosed with coronary heart disease and angina within the

last 6 months by the specialist cardiology team at her local trust.


Mrs Jones has a family history of heart disease and diabetes, her mother died 2 year

ago following a heart attack. She currently takes medication to help control angina....