Dttls Module Ll223L

Key to Diagram

  1. External Verifier-Works in partnership with centres to quality-assure Edexcel NVQ qualifications. The primary focus is to ensure that centre staff involved in the planning, delivery and assessment of qualifications maintain the national standard of qualifications awarded by Edexcel and have a clear commitment to ensuring and improving quality. The role is sometimes referred to as “the guardian of the standards”. www.edexcel.com/i-am-a/teacher/aa-cruit/roles/Pages/NVQEV.aspx

  2. Quality Improvement Manager-Is responsible for the co-ordination and administration of all the registered and approved NVQ qualifications and key skills within the company. Support and information is provided to the whole company through continuous quality control.
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      [pic][pic]Quality improvement managers typically create, implement and control processes related to products and services. www.ehow.co.uk/about_6110641_quality-improvement-manager-job-description.html

  3. Internal Verifier- Manages the quality of NVQ delivery and verifies assessments, supports and develops assessors. They   liaise with EVs & management.   All internal verifiers are occupationally competent in the specific standards which are being verified. They take development action as required on a regular basis to keep their skills, knowledge and competence up to date.

  4. Self Assessment Report www.intraining-intranet.co.uk/index.asp.   This document is accessed by all staff in particular the Quality Manager to use as a reference document and checklist to ensure quality of provision within the company is of the required standard. This is in alignment with the Company’s quality assurance processes and contains a summary of the overall grades, strengths, and areas for improvement.

      According to I.Reece and S.Walker 2009 pg 430 ‘The drafting of the SAR involves encouraging staff to be “reflective practitioners.” It...