Why Some Problems May Happen to Ore Screen?

Vibrating screen, which is one kind of gravel screen, is in use process will appear a variety of problems, which appear to run pulp, through analysis and summary, primarily with high solid content in drilling fluid and mud viscosity is high, the drilling cuttings scattered by screening materials such as factors;With small vibrating screen vibration, high screen mesh, mesh about their own conditions of the area is small; With the installation of the gravel screen the direction and the liquid inlet location also has a lot to do, some analysis about these points can be done.

1. Choose the screen mesh of gravel screen is not reasonable. Each gravel screen capacity of 50 l/s, this is because the capacity is according to the regulation of national standard test conditions: select 60 mesh, the specific gravity of 1.8 weighted mud, mud viscosity for different particle size of river sand is contained in mud. Due to fast drilling, surface produces a large amount of solid phase takes up the effective screen area, so the vibrating screen cannot be used in shallow well fine mesh screen.Therefore, should use a larger hole in the early years of the drilling sieve, and with the increase of drilling depth, gradually adopt a finer mesh.

2. Formation and mud affect capacity. Another case, when the drill to the loose sandstone layer containing or quicksand layer, sand easy card in the gravel screen hole, screen plugging phenomenon. So to test several different mesh mesh to reduce gravel screen blocking phenomenon.

3. Check whether the flow distribution on gravel screen is reasonable.Crochet mesh structure of the vibrating screen, screen surface is lower than the middle on both sides, the mud is easy to flow to the sides and run, shall ensure that the mud from the middle into the screen.At this point, the two schemes can be used.It is spring seat before the adjustment, appropriate rise Angle in the front of the screen box. Adjustment is extending groove flap gate...