MBA 102: Leadership and Organization Behavior
Assignment (2) - midterm
In the Kingdom of Bahrain

ID: BH10600152
16 MAY2011

Basic Guidelines to Problem Solving and Decision Making

1.Define the Problem :
“ Interpersonal communication Issue “

A: . What can you see that causes you to think there's a problem?
I see what causes me to think there’s problem it’s when I Communicate with my company senior managers with unproved methods of communication
B:   Where is it happening?
It’s normally happens   at the office and even on the company telephone
C: How is it happening?
I can disc raped as a father son communication
D:   When is it happening?
Mostly all the time even outside company work hours
E : With whom is it happening? (HINT: Don't jump to "Who is causing the problem?" When we're stressed, blaming is often one of our first reactions. To be an effective leader, you need to address issues more than people.)?
To be more specific it happened most with direct with C.E.O (ALARIAN )  
F: Why is it happening ?
-For my understanding there’s a reason that working hours are called working hours
- When something is important and urgent should a bide the time management filose that states the following:
    -   Important and Urgent matters comes first this in the morning
    - Important and not Urgent matters come with not the follow of the working hours
- When you receive not important and not urgent order to do a specific   working related task outside the preamble of working hours it will be addressed and unjustified case that is scraped as father son communication

  2. Look at potential causes for the problem:

A:. It's amazing how much you don't know about what you don't know. Therefore, in this phase, it's critical to get input from other people who notice the problem and who are effected by it.
A football team...