In Beneficiation Production How to Choose a Vibrating Screen ?

Dressing shaker role in the production of very large, a lot of factors to consider when choosing . In order to select a suitable shaker, below concentrator used for different vibrating screen describes the structure and the advantages and disadvantages , and thus provide the basis for the correct choice shaker .
There inertial shaker style pedestal and hanging , single and double sieve sieve . It 's a vibrator mounted on the screen box , with the upper and lower pulley centerline vibration of the vibrator also produce spatial movement . Therefore , the inertial shaker suitable only for processing, fine materials , and require uniform to mine.
Self-centering shaker pure inertia to overcome the shortcomings of the shaker pulley centerline movement in space , the pulley centerline in space can be self-centering and remain intact , which is widely used in large and medium-sized plant , the fine-grained material screening . Its advantages are simple structure, easy operation and adjustment ; intense vibration sieve , sieve material clogging ; high screening efficiency , generally more than 85%. The disadvantage is that to change the amplitude of fluctuations in the amount of ore , thus affecting the screening efficiency ; sieve in the process of starting and stopping , through the resonant condition, the amplitude increases, the impact of the building .
Heavy shaker rugged , able to withstand greater impact loads , suitable for large screening density , bulk of the ore , screening material sizes up to 400mm. The machine can be replaced easily clogging of the sieve as a pre-screening in pieces before , but also as a chunk of ore mining washing equipment , if the two- screen , can play a role in washing to reduce the fine ore for crushing affect jobs , but also to screen out the final product , to increase production capacity of the crusher.
Circular vibrating screen has light and heavy , pedestal and hanging points. The sieve novel structure, high strength , fatigue...