British Defeat

Before the Revolutionary War started, very few people gave the Americans a chance. Britain was more populated compared to Americans (11 million to 2.5 million). Moreover, Britain was famous for its strong navy. Naturally, they were experienced.   Also, they were supported by many loyalists and Indians. Industrial revolution and the South Atlantic System was an economic advantage for Britain, so Britain was economically superior to Americans. In short, at the very beginning, it was not probable for Americans to win the war with a weak and newly established navy and limited economic sources.
First of all, Americans got foreign support and it was very important for them to win the war.France gave a secret loan to the colonies and supplied them with gunpowder in 1776. Gunpowder was extremely important for Americans to win British in Battle of Saratoga. Seeing the advantage of this gunpowder, Americans signed a treaty ( Treaty of Alliance) with France in 1778. The treaty stated that if   France entered the war against Britain, there would be no more treaties before the colonists gained liberty.
Surprisingly, Americans used some reasonable tactics and strategies. During the Battle of Saratoga in 1777 Britain were naturally (with a strong navy) at first in control. However the Americans   sent Hon Yost Schuyler to the fort and he promoted a superstition that caused the Indians to desert the fort and as a result caused the British to retreat to Oswego and abandon their siege. Therefore the great tactics proved vital as the British were previously in a great position in the battle.
At Bennington, the Americans played another good trick. They sent men who were disguised as loyalists to mingle with British troops. They went to the rear of the British army and when the Americans attacked they turned against the British. So again the great tactics shown by
the Americans provided a massive victory and the British suffered huge...