What Are the Characteristics of a Good Student?

Being a good student at college enables us to have more desirable future however we need to know what features a good student should retain. I have been seeing some excellent factors of good students through my school days. Managing their time, being persistent and hardworking, and having a mentor are the good examples of being a fine student which I am struggling for.
  First of all, good students are skilled at managing their time. In my opinion, this is the most important feature of being successful. Most of students have full or part time jobs for school tuition and do extracurricular activities while they are attending a college. This means that students have had not enough time between school affairs and the other things. Consequently, student should manage their time well. Otherwise you will get neither of them.
  A second characteristic of a good student are persistent and hardworking. Once school starts, there will be tons of assignments and tests. If you are student, you have got to keep up pace with school affairs. Great students are eager to achieve their goals which is their duty. So we should truly work hard and do our best and be persistent all the time. It is simple to think that being persistent is hard and giving up is easy but we must not to.
  Finally, a mentor helps a student catch up with what they should do and gives them practical and useful advices. When I was in high school, I had a lot of concerns of my future however my brother in law suggested and told me solutions of my concernment. Nowadays, I realized that it helped me a lot and lead me into the right way.
  With such a variety of features. These three peculiarity are aidful characteristics of being a good student. As a student, we should stick to these features.