A Good Friend

A Good Friend
Where did you meet your best friend Are they from your local neighborhood Or did you meet them on a family occasion – a birthday party perhaps or a wedding- Perhaps they are colleague at school. So, I would like to talk about characteristics of the good friend.   What is the real and good friendship and how to choose your friends?
First, The definition of a good friend: A good friend is someone who is caring, loving and above all an entertainment factor in your life.
Second, when do you find your good friend? If you really want to know who is a good friend then just look back to the time when you were in difficult moments. The one who was there to console you is definitely the one who is your true friend.   A good friend will help you in all your times of trouble and will never say ‘no’, if the time and situation demands it.
Third, characteristics of the good friend, a friend gives without asking you to give instead. He does for you what is hard to do, even if this doing is harmful or difficult for him. He reveals

his secrets to you because he trusts you. Instead he keeps your secrets. Also he loves you, looks after you, listens to you, and helps you when you need. Your friend also understands you more than anybody else. He understands your feeling and your problems. Then He tries to make you happy all the time and to solve your problems without asking him to do this. Of course he must forgive you when you apologize.
Forth, How to choose your friend? You can't pick your brothers and sisters. But of course you can choose your friends, and because it's important and not easy to choose your friend.   Friends have much influence over us. Their ideas soon become ours. Friends affect each other. Also, you must care about his Characteristics because you will deal with him. So you will deal with his Characteristics.
Finally, don't forget that friendship is very important to make life easy and happy. So, always care about your friends and about their...